We are proud to have supplied a complete Single Screw Extrusion line to produce HDPE pipes up to 800mm pipe diameter.

The latest technology was implemented in our extrusion machines.

Our Single Screw Extruder type LUMEN 120-38 with output of 1200 kg/h, using an European High Torque gearbox, latest screw design in combination with a helical grooved barrel. High AC drive and inverters ensure troublefree production. Furthermore the extruder is equipped with a gravimetric feeding system, Auto-loader, Hopper dryer and 2 day bins.

High volume HDPE Pipe Head type SMHPE800 includes a special spiral design for high throughput.

A fast and smooth cooling is guaranteed with our Vaccumtanks type SMVST800 and Spraytanks SMST800, using powerful spray cooling with a speedy vacuum adjustment.

HMG Extrusions 6-Track caterpillar Haul-Off type SMHA800 is equipped with Servo Motors for each track to ensure steady pulling even at low speeds.

Our Swarfless Cutter type SMSCS800 based on latest generation design, uses a dust-free planetary type system with PLC control.

For detailed information and leaflets with available machine specifications please contact us at any time. We are looking forward to receive your enquiries  Please contact us for additional information, or check our website www.hmg-extrusons.at for further information.