Pipe Head PVC

HMG – Pipe Head PVC
High Precision Pipe Extrusion System For Pipe Heads
The utilization of high calibre and perfectly matched components in pipe extrusion systems help contribute to lower costs, flexibility of operations and consistently high quality of finished products.

HMG Extrusions pipe die heads are designed and precision engineered for superior performance under all operation conditions.
Utilising state-of-the-art thermal and fluidic engineering technology, the pipe die heads are designed to achieve an exceptionally homogenous melt both, thermally and mechanically. Even temperature sensitive materials can be processed safely and efficiently, thanks to our innovative new system and design. Our pipe die heads ensure you high production capacity at all times, enabling you to keep up with your delivery schedules. Single, Dual and Quadruple Head Systems are available.

To maintain product excellence, we are totally committed to an ongoing programme of research and development.