We have the pleasure to present HMG Extrusions newly designed SWARFLESS CUTTER UNITS
They are based on a stationary blade which rotates 360° by means of a mechanical drum to guarantee a uniform cut.

The movement of the table is pneumatic activated as standard, for higher speeds servo motor activated movement can be supplied.

Swarfless Cutters are available in following sizes:
SMSCS 63, up to 63mm (2″)
SMSCS 110, up to 110mm (4″)
SMSCS 160, up to 160mm (6″)
SMSCS 250, up to 250mm (10″)
SMSCS 315, up to 315mm (12″)
SMSCS 400, up to 400mm (16″)
SMSCS 500, up to 500mm (20″)
SMCSS 630, up to 630mm (24″)