We are proud to have manufactured and supplied our newly designed HMG Extrusions downstream machines up to 660 mm suitable for UPVC, HDPE pipes with the following specifications:

SMVST660 & SMST660: Vacuum + Spray Tank with high quality Stainless Steel Tank, slim design with the pumps positioned under the tank, efficient spray nozzles for enhanced cooling and water saving, tempered glas covers.

SMHC660: 6-Track Caterpillar Puller with high quality, easy exchangeable rubber pads. Individually servo controlled tracks guarantee a smooth pulling of the pipes from 0.6 – 6 m/min.

SMSCS660: Swarfless cutter ensure a material cost saving machine, based on a stationary blade which rotates 360° by means of a mechanical drum to guarantee a uniform cut up to 77mm thickness.