We are very proud to have supplied since 2019 to factories in SE-Asia 10 complete Extrusion Lines to manufacture MEDICAL TUBES based on SPVC material with OD 1.95mm and speed running at 30 m/min.

The Extrusion Line consist of the following:
– Single Screw Extruder LUMEN 50-28
– Co-Extruder if the tube requires a Blue Pigment Stripe
– Cooling Tank
– 2-Track Haul-Off and Servo Fly-Cutter
– Online Diameter Gauge Meter
– Conveyer

A full video clip of the line can be seen on our Youtube Channel under   https://youtu.be/Li5VxrXN80M

Individual pictures of the machines can either be seen on our FB page or please contact us.

If you require full specifications of the line please contact our wordwide offices.