It has been a success story since opening our manufacturing plant in Germany, a state of the art production centre for all types of single and parallel/conical twin screws and barrels. We have supplied many sets and established ourselves as a reliable OEM supplier for several world class plastic machine manufactures. Single and Twin Screw Technology that meets your demands, HMG Extrusions can offer all types of screw flight coatings and nitrided / bimetallic barrels for wear resistent purposes. 

  • Advantages of choosing HMG Extrusions for your replacement screws and/or barrels.
  • Several types of Bimetallic Inliner against fast wear for different applications
  • Screw Flight coatings for Twin Screws (Molybdenum, Vanadiumchrome and Tungstencarbide)
  • Thermal coatings for special applications (WOKA 3660FC and AMPERIT 551) 

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