Profile Toolings

HMG – Profile Extrusion Toolings
Our extrusion dies are designed individually for our customers existing extrusion lines or are specifically tailored to each new profile product group and raw material used.For the production of the dies mainly modern CAD/CNC technology, wire erosion and working centres are used. Dies and calibrators are made with hardened and tempered materials, 2.2316
chrome 16% (DINx 36 CR MO17) to avoid any deformation and guaranteeing long life.Furthermore it will ensure optimal product consistancy, high cost efficiency, easy installation and operation.HMG Extrusions is able to offer complete solutions for your U-PVC window & door frames, accessory profiles, cable ducts, rain gutter, window seals and any profiles based on Fiber composite materials (combination of any Fiber with PVC, PP or HDPE).