Announcing Cooperation in USA

We are proud to announce a partnership with FACTS Machinery Group (FMG) located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio offering our successfull Parallel and Conical Twin Screw Extruders for UPVC pipes and profiles executed entirely based on US standards. FMG partner for complete Downstream equipments is SCS EQUIPMENT in Fuqaray Varina, North Carolina, another HMG Extrusions partner in the USA.

FMG both design & fabricate their own equipment to provide complete solutions to their customers, they are uniquely equipped and provide a wide range of capabilities. FACTS, Inc. is the measurement and controls division of the FACTS Machinery Group and has been supplying equipment, controls and measurement systems into the Rubber & Plastic Industries since 1992. FACTS supplies control systems built to NFPA Machinery standards for all FACTS Machinery Group equipment.

Please visit FMG website “”  for further information or go in direct contact with Mr.Wendell Watson under email “” or mobile number 0330 9570100