HMG Extrusions – Rectangular shaped Corrugator Extrusion Line

Rectangular and Round shaped PP Profile Extrusion

We are proud to have successfully installed at a customer site in Malaysia a complete corrugator (SUB-DUCT, rectangular and round shaped profile) Extrusion Line for electrical cable based on PP material.

The Extrusion Line consist of the following:

  • Single Screw Extruder type LUMEN 75/33,
  • Special corrugator SMC 65 and SMC110
  • Spray Tank SMST110 for cooling
  • Haul-Off SMHA110
  • Cutting Saw SMSC110

For the larger Corrugator machine size from 65 – 110mm the linespeed is between 2 – 5.0 m/min, for the smaller Corrugator machine (16 – 50mm) the speed ranges from 6 – 15 m/min.

A full video clip of the line can be seen on our Youtube Channel under

If you require full specifications of the line please contact our wordwide offices