High Speed Dual Strand Extrusion lines for either PVC or Polyolefine type pipes are an excellent way to enhance your production output and at the same time get the advantage of saving space.
We are able to offer the latest technology with 3 type of packages 

1. For pipe production up to 63mm (20 – 63mm) pipe size – up to 75mm on special request 

2. For pipe production up to 110mm (32 – 110mm) pipe size

3. For pipe production up to 160mm (63 – 160mm) pipe size

Extrusion Lines can be completed with our Inline Automatic Socketing Machines with a new type of fast and accurate Infrared heating process.
The Dual Strand extrusion lines can be combined with existing extruders, any type of new extruders and our own high quality built HMG Extrusions single or twin (conical or parallel) screw extruders 
Pictures of a recently supplied extrusion line for PVC pipes up to 63mm attached.

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