Pipe Head PE/PP

HMG – Pipe Head PE/PP
High Precision Pipe Extrusion System For Pipe Heads
The utilization of high calibre and perfectly matched components in pipe extrusion systems help contribute to lower costs, flexibility of operations and consistently high quality of finished products.

HMG Extrusions advanced die design for polyolefin pipe heads utilizes a 3 stages diversification of the melt flow path through our extrusion die. This ingenious design allows polyolefin pipes manufactured from our dies to have perfect homogeneity.

This homogenization allows for higher outputs with low pressure build up and low melt temperatures. Our streamlined and precision-engineered design provides a wide processing window allowing the manufacturer to extrude products with consistently high quality.

Pipes produced on our POT dies have smooth internal surfaces with no internal spiral or flow lines for both thick and thin walled pipes. The pipes produced from our POT dies stand out above our competitors dies in terms of quality and performance.


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