It has been a success story since opening our manufacturing plant in Germany, a state of the art production centre for all types of single and parallel/conical twin screws and barrels. We have supplied many sets and established ourselves as a reliable OEM supplier for several world class plastic machine manufactures. Single and Twin Screw Technology that meets your demands, HMG Extrusions can offer all types of screw flight coatings and nitrided / bimetallic barrels for wear resistent purposes. 

  • Advantages of choosing HMG Extrusions for your replacement screws and/or barrels.
  • Several types of Bimetallic Inliner against fast wear for different applications
  • Screw Flight coatings for Twin Screws (Molybdenum, Vanadiumchrome and Tungstencarbide)
  • Thermal coatings for special applications (WOKA 3660FC and AMPERIT 551) 

We are looking forward to receive your enquiries  

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We are glad to let you know that we have finally moved to our new location in Großefehn Germany, a state of the art manufacturing centre for all types of single and parallel/conical twin screws and barrels. Single and Twin Screw Technology that meets your demands, HMG can offer all types of screw flight coatings and nitrided / bimetallic barrels for wear resistent pruproses Diameter sizes from as small as 35mm up to more than 160mm and maximum length of 5 meters.  Existing screw geometries or, on demand, special designs to meet your production needs can be offered.

We are proud to have manufactured and supplied our newly designed HMG Extrusions downstream machines up to 660 mm suitable for UPVC, HDPE pipes with the following specifications:

SMVST660 & SMST660: Vacuum + Spray Tank with high quality Stainless Steel Tank, slim design with the pumps positioned under the tank, efficient spray nozzles for enhanced cooling and water saving, tempered glas covers.

SMHC660: 6-Track Caterpillar Puller with high quality, easy exchangeable rubber pads. Individually servo controlled tracks guarantee a smooth pulling of the pipes from 0.6 – 6 m/min.

SMSCS660: Swarfless cutter ensure a material cost saving machine, based on a stationary blade which rotates 360° by means of a mechanical drum to guarantee a uniform cut up to 77mm thickness.







We have the pleasure to present HMG Extrusions newly designed SWARFLESS CUTTER UNITS
They are based on a stationary blade which rotates 360° by means of a mechanical drum to guarantee a uniform cut.

The movement of the table is pneumatic activated as standard, for higher speeds servo motor activated movement can be supplied.

Swarfless Cutters are available in following sizes:
SMSCS 63, up to 63mm (2″)
SMSCS 110, up to 110mm (4″)
SMSCS 160, up to 160mm (6″)
SMSCS 250, up to 250mm (10″)
SMSCS 315, up to 315mm (12″)
SMSCS 400, up to 400mm (16″)
SMSCS 500, up to 500mm (20″)
SMCSS 630, up to 630mm (24″)




A new coating technology is available for twin screw flights (conical and parallel types) based on a Vanadium-Alloy material (Product Specification X-FeCrV15). In combination with HMG Extrusions high quality nitrided barrel the VCr-coated screw flights will increase the lifetime by approx. 1.5 times vs. a standard Mo-coating at the same cost level. The higher wear resistance is achieved due to hard carbides with exceptional metal to metal wear bearing properties. The coating is applied by a LASER WELDING method which ensures a perfect bond to the base material. Take advantage of this new technology for your future purchases of replacement screws and barrels and ask us for an offer or for additional specifications.


We are glad to inform you that we have decided to take the momentous decision to establish a new Limited Company located in Cologne, Germany, messrs. HMG Extrusions Germany.  We are now in a position to produce high quality Conical/Parallel Twin Screws and Barrels at very competitive prices with following technical specifications

  • Screws and barrels of up to up to 5 meters in length can be produced with any given diameter.
  • material for screws 1.8519 steel and for the barrels 1.8550.
  • Screws and barrels are nitrided to a depth of 0,8 mm.
  • Molybdenum coated screws use the latest LASER WELDING Technology and are coated to a depth of 1.5 mm.
  • Hard chrome plating of screw flights, or the screw root, is available if required.
  • Bimetallic liners that extend the life-time of parallel barrels are available. 
  • State of the art QC department to ensure that supplied units will be of the highest possible quality and meet the required standards.
  • Any enquiries regarding single screws or barrels, as well as specialized screws/barrels are welcomed.


We are glad to show you our newly designed HMG Extrusion Line to manufacture UPVC pellets. The Line is based on our HMG110-27 Parallel Twin Screw Extruder with an output of up to 1000 kg/h. The screw design with an internal water cooling system ensures gentle plastification of the dry blend with required lower temperature settings. The Pelletizing head and Die face
cutter with 3 rotating cutting knifes guarantee top quality granules production. The Downstream Equipment consists of a suction blower (all pellet contacts are made of Stainless steel material), a vibrating Air Cooling Tower ensures gentle cooling of the granules and finally transported to the Pellets Collection Hopper.

Same system can be offered for SOFT PVC processing with outputs up to 2000 kg/h.

Take advantage of our experience to give you the best processing technology that fits your needs.

If you need any additional information and/or technical specifications on the machines please do not hesitate to contact us.

Announcing Cooperation in USA

We are proud to announce a partnership with FACTS Machinery Group (FMG) located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio offering our successfull Parallel and Conical Twin Screw Extruders for UPVC pipes and profiles executed entirely based on US standards. FMG partner for complete Downstream equipments is SCS EQUIPMENT in Fuqaray Varina, North Carolina, another HMG Extrusions partner in the USA.

FMG both design & fabricate their own equipment to provide complete solutions to their customers, they are uniquely equipped and provide a wide range of capabilities. FACTS, Inc. is the measurement and controls division of the FACTS Machinery Group and has been supplying equipment, controls and measurement systems into the Rubber & Plastic Industries since 1992. FACTS supplies control systems built to NFPA Machinery standards for all FACTS Machinery Group equipment.

Please visit FMG website “”  for further information or go in direct contact with Mr.Wendell Watson under email “” or mobile number 0330 9570100

We are glad to present a new Conical Twin Screw Extruder line featuring European gearboxes supplied by Zambello, Italy. A wider process window is achieved through higher safety factors, an extended lifetime cycle and higher output using improved screw geometries. The Extruders are manufactured at our factory in Malaysia giving you the advantage of high quality at competitive prices. The following three extruders are available:

HMG C53Z output for PVC pipes up to 180 kg/h, PVC profiles up to 140 kg/h

HMG C65Z output for PVC pipes up to 320 kg/h, PVC profiles up to 240 kg/h

HMG C80Z output for PVC pipes up to 470 kg/h, PVC profiles up to 350 kg/h

Several options are available for the screw execution: either nitrided, molybdenum coated or bimetallic. The barrel is available with nitrided and/or bimetallic execution. Control panels are available as either touch screen or conventional type with branded electrical parts.

Take advantage of our flexibility to give you the best processing technology that fits your needs.

If you need any additional info please do not hesitate to contact us.



We are able to offer our newly designed High Speed Belt Haul-Off machine type SMHC32 pulling pipes from 10 mm upto 32 mm, minimum speed 5 m/min, maximum speed 50 m/min. The flat belts are a special formulated wear resistent vulcanized rubber. The contact length is 1100 mm with a belt width of 65 mm. The maximum pulling force is 12 kN, the clamping is based on pneumatic system, optional with a 40 meter length remote control. Can be easily integrated within any exsiting extrusion line or in combination with HMG extrusion machines.

In case you need further information please do not hesitate to contact us.