We are glad to let you know that we have finally moved to our new location in Großefehn Germany, a state of the art manufacturing centre for all types of single and parallel/conical twin screws and barrels. Single and Twin Screw Technology that meets your demands, HMG can offer all types of screw flight coatings and nitrided / bimetallic barrels for wear resistent pruproses Diameter sizes from as small as 35mm up to more than 160mm and maximum length of 5 meters.  Existing screw geometries or, on demand, special designs to meet your production needs can be offered.

We are proud to have manufactured and supplied our newly designed HMG Extrusions downstream machines up to 660 mm suitable for UPVC, HDPE pipes with the following specifications:

SMVST660 & SMST660: Vacuum + Spray Tank with high quality Stainless Steel Tank, slim design with the pumps positioned under the tank, efficient spray nozzles for enhanced cooling and water saving, tempered glas covers.

SMHC660: 6-Track Caterpillar Puller with high quality, easy exchangeable rubber pads. Individually servo controlled tracks guarantee a smooth pulling of the pipes from 0.6 – 6 m/min.

SMSCS660: Swarfless cutter ensure a material cost saving machine, based on a stationary blade which rotates 360° by means of a mechanical drum to guarantee a uniform cut up to 77mm thickness.